Program at a Glance

Sunday, October 28, 2018

17:00-19:30 Registration

19:30 Get Together Reception

Monday, October 29, 2018

07:30-09:00 - Registration & Refreshment

Hall A
Mini – Courses #1-2

Hall B
Mini – Courses #3-4
Hall C
Mini – Courses #5-6
 Hall D
Mini – Courses #7
 09:00-16:00Mini – Course #1: ECGMini – Course #3:
AF –Invasive Approaches
Mini – Course #5:
CIED (CV Implantable Electronic Devices)
Mini – Course #7: VT in Structural, Nonstructural  and Electrical Diseases 
 09:00-11:00Biotronik International Program  Session #1: ECG Pearls:
Workshop for Fellows A

Session #1:
AF Ablation

Session #1:
Leadless Pacemaker- Tips and Tricks in Implantation
Session #1:
VT Ablation in …..
 11:00-11:20Coffee Break
 11:20-13:20Biotronik International Program Session #2: Electrophysiology Review: Workshop for Fellows

Session #2:
LAA Occlusion

Session #2: 
CRT - Tips and Tricks in Implantation

Session #2:
Idiopathic VT

 14:00-16:00Biotronik International Program Session #3: 
ECG Interpretations –
Case Studies
Mini-course # 4:
Lead Extraction

Session #1: How to Deal with Remnant Leads During Transvenous Lead Extraction?
Mini – Course #6:
His Bundle Pacing
Session #3: Complications of Catheter Ablations: Prevention, Detection and Treatment 
 16:00-16:20Coffee Break
 16:20-19:00Biotronik International Program Mini – Course #2: Cardiac Anatomy Workshop (Wet Lab)Session #2:
How to Avoid Extraction Complication
 TBAAbstracts Session 
 19:00 Free time

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

07:00-08:30 - Registration & Refreshment
07:00-08:20 - Meet with the Emergine Leader

Hall A
Allied Professionals

Hall B
AF –Various Aspects of Invasive Approach- Debates
Hall C
Innovative Therapies in Heart Failure
Hall D
Joint Ssessions
Hall E
Allied Professionals
 08:30-10:00From Idea to FruitionPersistent & Long Term Persistent AF
Debate 1: Persistent AF: Is PVI Enough?

Debate 2: In Patients with Long Standing Persistent AF, the LAA should be Isolated
Medical and Device Therapy in HF:
State of the Art and the Future
The J Wave Syndromes as a Cause of Sudden Cardiac Death. Lankenau Institute for Medical Research & Israel Cardiology Association Symposium  TBA 
 10:00-10:20Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters
 10:20-11:50Technology Parade 1Failures of AF Ablation/Why Does PVI Fail?
Debate 1: Redo Cryoablation for AF can be Managed with Cryocatheter Again.
Debate 2: AF Ablation: OAK/NOAC Discontinuation
Non-Response Following CRT Implantation – Are We Getting Better?

Primary Prevention in Ischemic & Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy. 
Debate: 1.ICD for Pts with ICMP in NYHA I. 2. ICD in NICM: Is it Really Indicated Following the DANISH Trial? 

 11:50-12:10Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters
 12:10-14:00Plenary session (Opening the 14th IDSS, Keynote Lectures)
Noninvasive Treatment of Ventricular Tachycardia Guided by Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI) Y. Rudy, St. Louis, USA
 14:00-15:40Luncheon Satellite Symposium: Medtronic
Luncheon Satellite Symposium: Biotronik Luncheon Satellite Symposium;
Biosense Webster
 Lunch and Adjourn 
 15:40-15:50 Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters
 15:50-17:20Technology Parade 2AF in Young & Elderly
Debate 1: Young Patients with AF should Undergo Early Interventions
Debate 2: What is the Best Procedure for an Octogenarian with Resistant PAF?
Heart Failure and Ventricular Arrhythmia/ How to Improve Patient's Selection for ICD7th Russian-   Israeli Symposium Abstracts Session 
 17:20-17:40Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters
 17:40-18:50Technology Parade 3Cryptogenic Strokes (ESUS)
Debate: Anticoagulants should be Prescribed in ESUS cases
New Devices for HF Management3d Latin-American Heart Rhythm Society – Israeli SymposiumAbstracts Session 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

07:30-08:30 - Registration & Refreshment
07:00-08:15 - Meet with the Emergine Leader

Hall A

Hall B
Educational Sessions 
Hall C
Pediatric Cardiology 
 Hall D
Physical Activity& Heart Diseases
 08:30-10:00Ablation of VT in Ischemic CMP- Debates A Novel Pacing StrategySudden Death in ChildrenPhysical Activity for Subjects with Cardiovascular Conditions 
 10:00-10:20Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters
 10:20-11:50Severe LV Dysfunction and VT
Debate 1: All LVAD Patients Should Receive Prophylactic ICD
Debate 2: What is Your First Choice in Patients with Severe LV Dysfunction and VT? Ablation vs. LVAD
Live Case Presentation:
Interventional Approach in Device Implantation (CRT, PM, ICD)
Interventional Treatment of Arrhythmias  Response to Exercise: the Good and the Bad 
 11:50-12:10Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters
 12:10-13:40 Controversies in Stroke Prevention
Debate 1: NO Need for LAAO vs. Firm Evidence the Use of LAAO
Debate 2: NOACs vs. NOACs
Controversies in Conventional PacingMiscellanePPE the European Position Statement  
 13:40-13:50Short Break 
 13:50-15:40Luncheon Satellite Symposium:
Abbot/St Jude/Gamida
Luncheon Satellite SymposiumLuncheon "Cardiac Rhythms on Parade"Lunch
Case studies
 15:40-15:50Short Break

Meet the Experts: Autonomic Disturbances in Young, Elderly and Athletes