Advanced Program at a Glance

Sunday, October 28, 2018

17:00-19:30 Registration

19:30 Get Together Reception

Monday, October 29, 2018

07:30-16:00 - Registration
 07:30-08:30 - Refreshment
HallHall A
Innovations Summit
Hall B
AF –Various Aspects of Invasive Approach,
Heart and Brain
Hall C
Innovative Therapies in HF & Live Case Presentation
 Hall G
Allied Professionals
Royal H

Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death, Joint Sessions

 08:30-10:00From Idea to FruitionAF – The Invasive Strategy and What We Learn from CABANA and  CASTLE. 

Medical and Device Therapy in HF - State of the Art and the Future.

Implantable Devices

Primary Prevention of SCD in Ischemic & Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy.Posters 
Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters                                                                                                                         
 10:30-12:00Technology Parade #1

Heart and Brain: Session #1
NOACs Around the Time of AF Ablation.

MERIT MEDICAL - Live Case Symposium "Learn to Enjoy CRT: Difficult Cases Made Easy with New Tools and Techniques"

Mapping and Ablation

The J Wave Syndromes as a Cause of Sudden Cardiac Death. Lankenau Institute & Israel
Heart Society Symposium 

Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters 

 12:20-14:00 Plenary Session (14th IDSS Opening, keynote lectures)
Noninvasive Treatment of Ventricular Tachycardia Guided by Electrocardiographic Imaging -
Y. Rudy, St. Louis, MO, USA
New Technologies  Posters

Royal H
MEDTRONIC -  Luncheon Satellite symposium: “Ablations Present, Future & Beyond”

Royal I
BIOTRONIK - Luncheon Satellite symposium:
“A Wholehearted Solution: Novel Technology for Heart Failure”
Royal J
BIOSENSE WEBSTER - Luncheon Satellite Symposium: “Biophysics of RF Ablation and New Ablation Modalities to Optimize Energy Delivery in AF Ablation”
 15:30-15:50Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters   
 15:50-17:40Technology Parade #2  Heart and Brain: Session #2
Stroke Prevention.

AF: Controversy in Invasive Approaches.

7th Russian-Israeli Symposium Posters 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

07:30-16:00 - Registration 
07:30-08:30 - Refreshment
HallHall A
Mini – Courses #3-5 
New Concepts for Management Atrial & Ventricular Arrhythmias
Hall B
Mini – Courses #1-2
Biotronik International Fellow's Program
#1 ECG
#2 Cardiac Anatomy

Hall C
Mini – Course #6: Lead Extraction 
Mini – Course #7:  CRT -  Optimal Use



Mini-course #3: AF Ablation. 

Session #1: ECG Pearls

Mini-course #6: Lead Extraction
Session #1: Management of CIED Infections and Remnant Hardware.

 10:30-10:50Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters
 10:50-12:50Mini-course #4 – Current State of LAA Occlusion. Session #2: Electrophysiology Review

 Session #2: Making Lead Extraction Safer and Case Presentations.

Guided Posters Session
 12:50-13:40Lunch - Foyer
 13:40-15:40Mini-course #5: VT Ablation & Complications of Ablation
Session #1: VT Ablation.
Session #3: Device Therapy & Technology- Concepts & Cases
Mini-course #7: CRT - Optimal Use.

 15:40-16:00Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters

16:00-17:50 Session #2:      
VT Ablation.

Mini – Course #2: Cardiac Anatomy-Wet Lab Workshop

16:00-17:30 Fellow’s Competition     Posters

18:00-19:00 Session #3: Complications of Catheter Ablation.


 20:00Presidents Dinner (optional)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

07:30-16:00 - Registration
07:30-08:30 - Refreshment
07:00-08:15 Royal H - Medtronic Breakfast Symposium: Emerging Leaders - with Eric Prystowsky

Hall A
Educational and Abstracts Sessions

Hall B
Educational Sessions 
Hall C
Pediatric Cardiology 
 Hall G
Physical Activity& Heart Diseases
 08:30-10:00Abstracts SessionHis Bundle Pacing-Workshop with Experts: Session#1.

Sudden Death in ChildrenCardiac Response to Exercise: The Good and the Bad.

 10:00-10:30Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters  

Abstracts Session

His Bundle Pacing-Workshop with Experts: Session#2.

Interventional Treatment of Arrhythmias.
Physical Activity for Subjects with Heart Conditions.

Guided Posters Session
 12:00-12:20Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters  
 12:20-13:50Heart and Brain - Session#3 
Are NOACs All the Same?

Leadless Pacemaker -Workshop with Experts.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac ArrhythmiasPPE – The Endless Discussion  
 13:50-15:40Royal H
ABBOTT/ST JUDE/ GAMIDA - Luncheon Satellite Symposium: "Latest Trends in EP Ablation and Mapping Technology"


13:50-14:40  Lunch


14:40-15:40  Case Studies: Joint Session of Pediatric and Sport Physicians

 15:40-16:00Coffee Break and Visit at the Exhibition & Posters

Meet the Experts: Autonomic Disturbances in Athletes, Young, and Elderly